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«You can't tie a knot with just one hand.»

Mongolian wisdom


Owner and CEO

Education and Training

  • CAS in SME Management (University St.Gallen)

  • CAS in Coaching (PH Zug)

  • Dipl. Coach SCA

  • Diplomas in Quality Engineering and various other areas

  • Organizer with Federal Diploma

  • Mechanics with Federal Diploma


Work Experience

Since 1987, Christian Imfeld has worked in quality management, since 1990 in medical devices industry, since 1996 as a lead auditor and since 2001 as an independent consultant.

His experience comes from work as a consultant, staff position, head of department, project manager, quality technician and product manager. He has worked for companies in the areas of quality system certification, medical devices industry, measuring technology and health care.

In various companies he has established or enlarged the quality system - some of them were start-ups. He has acquired experience from several hundred audits in more than a hundred companies in nearly all industrial areas.


Specific Expertise and Experiences


Auditor Qualification

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