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«Things do not change.

We change.»

Henry David Thoreau




Our coaching is based on trust, respect and process skills.


Management Coaching

We coach managers in strategic, operative and interpersonal matters.

Examples of topics our clients have worked on with us:

  • Organization topics of the management and the board of directors

  • Upcoming assumption of management responsibility

  • Challenges in the enforcement of quality systems

  • Disputes with staff members or supervisors

  • Personal working techniques

  • Questions of organization development or transformations in the company

  • Transition to retirement


Personal Coaching

The client and his needs and objectives is the centre of our attention. The coach will guide him through the coaching process to a solution.


Examples of topics our clients have worked on with us:

  • Interpersonal relationship challenges

  • Looking for and finding new patterns of behaviour

  • Creating transparency in confusing situations

  • Establishment of work-life balance

  • Professional or private transformations


Team Coaching

In team coaching we work with the concerns and objectives of the department, work group or project group.


Examples of topics our clients have worked on with us:

  • Error analysis and optimization potential

  • Improvement of workflows and working technique in the team


We have the following coaching understanding:

The client is the expert regarding his problems and the solving of them. The client activates his own resources and develops alternatives to his former behaviours or perspectives. In coaching, we work systemic-, constructivist-, resource- and solution-focused.