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«You can't tie a knot with just one hand.»

Mongolian wisdom

Franz Geissmann

Freelance employee

Education and Training

  • Logistics Manager with Federal Diploma - Specializing in logistic processes

  • Purchasing Agent with Federal Diploma - Specializing in industrial and medical devices

  • Federal Diploma in Commerce - Specialization in Accounting


Work Experience

Since 1993, Franz Geissmann has worked in various positions within the purchasing of medical devices operates, particularly in the field of analytical devices for hospitals/ large laboratories and measuring instruments for use by patients.

He has acquired his experience in large companies, combined with a three-year stay abroad, as well as in medium-sized enterprises, where he has held various executive positions within the logistics.


Specific Expertise and Experiences

  • Products: Medical/ Industrial Products

  • Sourcing and Risk Management of products/ services (procurement analysis)

  • Development of procurement strategies to optimize the entire procurement process

  • Development and coordination of business-oriented supplier strategies

  • Evaluation and analysis of supplier/ vendor profile

  • Qualification and evaluation of suppliers

  • National/ International contract negotiations

  • Execution of supplier audits

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