Gemeinsam an der Spitze

«Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.»

Henry Ford


From today & then

This is a selection of companies we have supported or supporting anymore. We will gladly provide contact to the responsible liaison.

Measuring techniques, process validation, services RTL and flow visualisation in clean rooms. Particle measuring devices, monitoring systems, germ measuring devices and aerosol technology for clean room monitoring

Development, manufacture and supply of dental and medical devices, as well as components for jewelry and watches. Refinery of precious metals.

Development and consulting in the fields of electronic and informatics systems.

Electronic components for industry and medical technology.

Orthopedic aid, functional and comfort shoes.

Development and manufacture of injection moulds, as well as manufacturing, assembly, processing and packaging of plastic medical parts, also under clean room conditions.

Development and manufacturing of hardware and software for medical and laboratory technology, as well as for general industry.

Production with laser technology and process development for industrial and medical technology.

X-ray stands, patient tables, special machine manufacturing and mechanical machining.

Orthopaedic supplies and daily living products.

Care and assistance of older people in town Zürich who needing care.

Design, manufacturing and distribution of patient monitoring systems for non-invasive monitoring of vital parameters.

Orthodontic products and accessories.

Precision deep drilling for the high-tech and medtech industry.

Joint research and development center of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich for the translation of outstanding scientific in the fields of Regenerative Medicine and Robotics.

Consulting in Research & Development of medical devices. Development and manufacturing of medical devices, especially of implants.

Medical instruments, devices, corresponding installation as well as technical endoscopes.

Spine implants Le U, Sourire, Ceraf und corresponding instruments.

FISSO articulated arms with central quick lock for industry and medicine.


Examples of coaching experience feedbacks:

«We had an open and challenging coaching. Christian Imfeld was a good listener and a respectful person. Christian Imfeld's experience and good systematic approach helped me to sort out my chaos of thoughts and find solutions. I experienced Christian Imfeld as a patient coach and consultant. All in all, a proactive companion.»

Member of the board of an IT company