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«You can't tie a knot with just one hand.»

Mongolian wisdom


Freelance employee

Education and Training

  • CAS in Finance (University Zurich & Basel)

  • Post diploma in Mediation (FH Aargau)

  • Master study «Applied Ethic» (University Zurich)

  • Training Quality Management (Qualicon)

  • Dr. sci. tech. - Dissertation «Risk analysis in the chemical industry» (ETH Zurich)

  • Dipl. Masch. Ing ETH, specialization in process technology (ETH Zurich)


Work Experience

Since 1994, Michael Madjar has worked in risk management, since 1997 in quality management, since 2001 as an independent consultant in his company Consultrix GmbH and since 2006 in the field of corporate governance.

His experience comes from work in well established companies in various functions as well as from countless audits in several industrial areas.


Specific Expertise and Experiences


Auditor Qualification

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